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Transforming the Food System: A Deep Dive into the Practicalities of Regenerative Agriculture

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Kebba Colley

Kebba is a Global Director at IDH, responsible for the overall strategy development, convening and execution of IDH’s work on agriculture value chain transformation, particularly in Africa. Kebba is an accomplished business transformation leader with over 16 years of experience, adept in marrying private sector efficiency, public sector, and development organisations work globally. IDH is a sustainability, market transformation organisation which sets up strategic partnership with food companies, financial institutions, and organisations to develop and transform agriculture value chains globally.

Kebba has over the past 12 years, developed and lead IDH’s work on agriculture value chains transformation. Partnering with African food manufacturing companies, FMCG’s and financial institutions to enable SMEs to increase commercialisation and industrialisation becoming prominent food manufacturing companies that produces food and ingredients for the African markets and beyond. This enables African food companies and FMCG’s to increase their local sourcing in Africa, increase the intra-Africa trade and create jobs. Kebba is also heading IDH’s work on African food systems transformation. One of such is the Southern Africa food systems transformation alliance in which major food companies and SMEs signed a Covenant to work together and source at least 80% of their raw material and ingredients need in Africa by 2033.

Prior to joining IDH, Kebba was leading sustainability work at Ahold in the Netherlands and ICA Sweden, two of Europe largest food retail companies – leaders in supermarkets and e-commerce. Kebba was leading development of sustainable supply chains with focus on emerging supplies in Africa, South America, and Asia for supply to the European markets.

Kebba has a multinational and multicultural background with extensive knowledge and experience of work in Africa, Europe, supply chain development, agriculture business, Africa, and European markets.

Kebba holds M.B.A from Södertörn University in Stockholm Sweden.,