24th – 28th June 2024   •   Durban, South Africa

SAI Platform Annual Event 2024

Building climate change resilience through regenerative agriculture

24th – 28th June 2024   •   Durban, South Africa

SAI Platform Members Only   •   #SAIPlatform2024
SAI Platform Members Only #SAIPlatform2024

Option 3: Organic Dairy Farming with WWF South Africa

Join WWF South Africa for a visit to Colbourne Farm and Karkloof Conservation Centre

Over the last 4 years, Andrew Morphew has converted his conventional dairy farm to a 100% organic farm. Participants will have the opportunity to hear firsthand from Andrew about this major undertaking and the complete change in farming practices required to ensure that his farm, cattle and milk complies with stringent organic legislation including farming without non-organic fertilisers, pesticides and feed sources.

Participants will be exposed to innovative regenerative practices that help build soil health and irrigation efficiency. Andrew strives to have 100% cover on all his fields at all times and uses rolling and mowing to suppress weeds instead of spraying. Through a variety of innovative practices, he has been successful in building below ground soil health which leads to effective nutrient cycling and optimal pasture growth.

Before delving into the transition from a farm economics and value chain perspective, participants will be introduced to Andrew’s vigilant approach to waste management and animal welfare.

Participants will have a picnic lunch at the adjacent Karkloof Conservation Centre. Colbourne Farm is part of the feeding and habitat area of the prolific birdlife and wildlife that use the dams and wetlands in the valley.