24th – 28th June 2024   •   Durban, South Africa

SAI Platform Annual Event 2023

Transforming the Food System: A Deep Dive into the Practicalities of Regenerative Agriculture

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Egon Zunckel

Egon Zunckel, a seasoned farmer with 39 years of experience. Passionate about No-Till and Regenerative Agriculture, Egon has dedicated himself to advancing sustainable farming practices. With 29 years of No-Till farming experience under his belt and integrating cover crops for the past 9 years, he actively pursues regenerative agriculture principles. As Chairman and longstanding committee member of The No-Till Club of KZN, Egon has shared insights and expertise at conferences and gatherings across the globe, from the USA to Hungary, Zambia, Namibia, and throughout South Africa.

Today Egon leads Zunckel Farms (Pty) Ltd. alongside his sons, Tyson and Carl. Nestled in Bergville, KZN, and Warden, Freestate, the farm specializes in the cultivation of maize, soybeans, and wheat, employing a meticulous three-year rotation system: two years of maize, one year of soybeans, and wheat irrigated during the winter following the soybean harvest.

In 2014, he was honoured as a finalist in the SA Grain Farmer of the Year awards, a testament to his commitment to excellence in farming. He also embraces a holistic approach, integrating grassfed, natural beef production alongside crop farming endeavours, aligning with soil health principles.