27th – 29th June 2023   •   Minnesota, United States

SAI Platform Annual Event 2023

Transforming the Food System: A Deep Dive into the Practicalities of Regenerative Agriculture

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Abbey Wick

Dr. Abbey Wick, North Dakota State University Associate Professor and Wick Consulting Soil Scientist, has experience working with farmers on soil health building practices like incorporating cover crops into rotation and transitioning to reduced till systems. She focuses on goal-oriented approaches so that farmers can maximize the benefits while reducing the risk associated with incorporating new practices. She co-leads the Trusted Advisor Partnership in North Dakota, which focuses on supporting Certified Crop Advisors as they guide farmers with soil health practice adoption. She currently serves on the National Academy of Sciences US National Committee for Soil Science, the International Union of Soil Sciences as the Soil Use and Management Division Chair and is part of the working group for the National Climate Change Roadmap.

Session: Building Knowledge Capacity To Focus On Soil Health And Whole Systems Management