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24 - 26 April 2017
Beijing, China

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Will ‘Taobao villages’ spur a rural revolution?

The province of Shanxi, in northern China, is famous for coal mining and the industry’s impact is etched across the landscape. But the province’s southern counties, which lie near the Yellow Riv......

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China Moves To Implement More Sustainable Ag Practices

On Sunday, the Central Government released its Number One Central Document, the first policy statement of the year, and as in the previous 13 years, it focused on agriculture and rural development.......

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Rural reform a priority in 2017

China will deepen supply-side structural reform in agriculture to cultivate new development engines for the sector, according to a policy document released Sunday. The major problems facing China's......

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China’s new agro-investment: opportunity for sustainability?

A major opportunity exists in China’s recently announced massive farm investment: it could shift the country’s agricultural systems toward more sustainable agricultural development. To meet future......

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Multiple pathways: case studies of sustainable agriculture in China

Chinese agriculture today faces major environmental challenges, from unsustainably high applications of fertilisers and pesticides to widespread soil erosion, pollution, water scarcity and the loss of......

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China’s wine pioneers up against climate, stereotypes

Gao is a wine pioneer in this dry corner of China about 900 kilometres west of Beijing and 1,200 metres above sea level. Separated from the Gobi Desert by just a thin row of mountains, Ningxia is an a......

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Transforming Agriculture Sustainable Development

With the Sustainable Development Goals we now have an ambitious and comprehensive new framework for sustainable development adopted by all countries, and here to guide countries for the next decades.......

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Nurturing the shoots of China’s sustainable agriculture

Chinese agriculture currently faces major environmental challenges, including overuse of fertilisers and pesticides, soil erosion, soil pollution, water scarcity and the loss of agricultural biodivers......

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Embedding Sustainable Agriculture in China

AB Sugar China’s ‘Sustainable Agriculture Programme’ launched in March 2014 and includes the commitment to increase productivity, embrace conservation and improve lives. The programme has a targ......

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